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Is your camera still on auto?

We now offer basic photography classes to anyone who would like to learn more about their DSLR.

If you are a mom and are frustrated because you can't seem to capture those little moments correctly...

If you're a new business owner and you're trying to take better pictures of your products to sell...

If you're a blogger and you're pictures are not drawing people in...

This class is for YOU!


In Sweet Shots: Beginner Photography Class Level I, expect to become comfortable with the following concepts:

  • Fundamental DSLR elements
  • How to take your camera off auto and towards 100% manual
  • Capturing the twinkle in your child’s eyes
  • Exposure, aperture, & shutter speed settings
  • How to make the background blurry
  • Tack-sharp focus
  • How to capture your child in motion during a sporting event
  • Essential lenses
  • Essential lighting tips for shooting indoors and outdoors
  • How to capture natural light at different times of the day
  • Compositional strategies for exceptional images


Is this class for me?

  • You have a DSLR or mirrorless camera (Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc.) that you don't know how to use.
  • You are a parent who wants to take better pictures of your family.
  • You are a blogger who wants to improve the quality of the photos you post.
  • You want better product pictures for your Etsy shop, Facebook page or business.


Who is this class NOT for?

  • If you are thinking about starting your own photography business this class is not for you. I will not be discussing the business of photography.
  • If you already know all the bells & whistles of your camera and can consistently take properly exposed and creative photos you are probably too advanced for this class.


What is included with this class?

  • Three hours of training in the comfort of our home studio.
  • Hands on shooting and instruction to help you understand and strengthen your skills.
  • Real life scenarios to help practice your new skills.
  • Small classes to ensure plenty of time to answer individual questions and receive feedback.
  • Interactive Workbook with everything you need to continue growing and practicing at home.
  • Light refreshments.


When can I take this class?

Classes will cease for the holidays beginning in October. More classes will become available in January. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram or sign up for our email subscription to be the first to know when they become available!


Questions and Answers

Q. How long is the class?
A. It is one 3 hour class. The first half of the class will consist of class-like learning. The second half of class will be more hands-on, learning to photograph both inside and outside using the information gained in class.

Q. How many participants will be in the class?
A. Each class will be limited, up to 3 participants will be allowed to register for a class, so everyone can get one-on-one help when needed.

Q. I have a DSLR and really only know how to turn it on and shoot.
A. This class would totally be perfect for you. We will begin with the basics and move up so you feel comfortable with your new camera.

Q. I have a DSLR and already know how to shoot off auto, so would this class still fit me?
A. That depends on how extensive your knowledge is. If you are not sure, send us an email -, and we'll talk!

Q. Can I sign up for Level II now?
A. Level II will be offered when you have completed Level I. An email will be sent with the upcoming Level II class schedule a month after your Level I completion.

Q. When the class is complete, will you be available for more help/guidance?
A. Absolutely! Each participant will be added to a private Facebook group so everyone can share their work and continue to ask questions.

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to email us at!!



These classes make great gifts! If you would like to purchase a class as a gift for someone, please click HERE.

We are also available for private group teachings. Please email us for more information!